Web & Mobile Development

What is web development? And for that matter mobile development? I hear you cry! This is the ‘techi’ stuff that makes the exciting stuff happen on your phone and online.

Any cool apps or tools you use online are all web development. All those helpful tools on your phone are mobile development.

People use this for several reasons:

  • To save time by automating tasks
  • To give them an edge on their competitors
  • To give their customers a better experience
  • To get peoples’ attention
  • To be at the cutting edge of an industry
  • To keep in regular contact with customers
  • To track information
  • To gather information
  • To manipulate data
  • The list goes on.

Is this affordable? Well it depends on your budget. High end development can cost around £400-1000 per day of development time. So it’s not a cheap hourly rate, but if you compare this with what you will gain from the software developed then you should see a very good return on investment. Just remember it does not always pay to go for a cheap hourly rate, as it could take them 3 times longer to do it, costing the same money or even more.