Web Analytics

Lots and lots of websites don’t do this and a lot do. The ones that do use web analytics gain higher sales and conversion but why? And what is it?

Web analytics can be done using several different tools. The most popular being Google analytics and then this can be aided with things like click tail.

The aim is to track users through your website; from where they came from to where they exited. This way, you can see what is working well on your website and what isn’t. Then you can tweak the bad stuff and make it better.

What you can also do is test amendments to see if they increase conversions. Just because you think it’s a wonderful idea doesn’t mean everyone else does!

Things that you would be looking at:

  • Where people come from: direct, search engines, social media or referrals
  • What pages people enter your website on
  • What pages people leave on
  • How long people are on the website
  • How long people are on the pages
  • Are people abandoning the process, if so why? This includes shopping cart abandonment and also form abandonment.
  • Looking at what devices people are using and comparing them to ensure everything is working on mobile all the way through to desktop
  • Are things working in different locations? if you are targeting different countries you might find expectations are different

This list goes on but hopefully from that you can see where this goes. You can use this data, along with experience and knowledge to generate a hypothesis for changes to your website. Then you can run tests and prove your hypothesis and improve your website.

There is a cycle to this and it should keep your website improving all the time. It also helps identify potential issues with the website and helps you remove them before they become big problems.

I hope this high level summary helps you with your website :-)

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