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Welcome to this informative site around web design. This site is designed to give you some key information to help you make the correct online decisions. Don’t forget to check out our web design Scottish Borders Blog.

We offer web services to meet your business needs and this website is designed to help you make the correct decisions. Need help? Contact us.

So, what is web design?there is more to web design than just graphics

Website design is split into several areas and depending on your needs, relates to which services you need. For example an e-commerce site may need: a database, a check out process and product pages, and all these need designed. Whereas a information site will need to have article pages. Two hugely different requirements that need dealt with in a different way.

Where do you start? The first thing to do is sit down with a piece of paper and decide what your end goal is. What are you aiming to do? Then from that you can work back to a stating point.

A simple example:

End goal: an information site ranking for key services “service 1″ “service 2″ and “service 3″

What do you need to achieve (just list what you think you need):

  • A website
  • A domain name (and a company name if you do not have one)
  • A good understanding of your services
  • Some content for your website
  • A list of keywords that people are using
  • Good rankings so you get the traffic and sales (See SEO Scottish Borders for more information or see this link for a definition of SEO)
  • A catchy design so people re-visit your website

Once your list is complete you need to sit down with an expert (probably an online marketing expert would be best) and work through how to achieve your list, and also fill in any gaps. This will then generate a strategy to get you to your end goal.

The main reason you need to speak with a specialist is because the online work is far more complex than it first appears and only someone in the field will understand the complexities enough to guide you into a successful strategy. For example if you don’t pay a designer and use an off the shelf design, your website may not get the repeat visits you want and people will not spend very long on it. It all depends on your target market and your budget.

Honest, ethical specialists will sit down with you for free to work out the initial strategy. This will give you prices and goals to aim for so you can see if your project is feasible. If the project isn’t feasible then you will know upfront and will not have lost any money. If the project is feasible then you can move forward with confidence.

One thing you must always remember with website design for the Scottish Borders, is never forget or leave out the marketing element. Don’t leave it until last as it should be the first job. Online marketing can be hard work so you need an expert to place you in the correct position to gain achievable results.

Analyse – Plan – Prepare – Implement – Enhance – Monitor – Maintain – Improve.

The cycle should go in that order and the last 3 elements should never end, they should go round and round.

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